Friday, May 30, 2008

Graduation day! Already?

Wow, it seems like yesterday that my little guy was running naked around the deck playing with water, and today he graduated from Kiddi-garten!

To start things off let me just say that I was a little dissapointed by the whole ordeal. Notices were sent home a few weeks ago but didn't say anything about the time. It just said "kindergarden end of the year program" No mention of time, or of it being a graduation. So I emailed the teacher a few days ago and she informed me to the time, and that it was technically a graduation without actually calling it a graduation.....Hmmm....back in my day we had real graduations for kindergarden. Oh well, back in my day you could fill up your gas tank with loose change found under the seat.

Anyway, the kids put on a cute little show sang a whole bunch of cute songs that they had been practicing for the last few weeks. This was followed by some announcements and then handing out of the sheepskins so to speak. (actually they were laminated pieces of paper but who cares) I was soo proud of my little guy, he stood up straight and sang really well....Mostly. He did skip out on a whole lot of smiling but his excuse was that he was trying to be serious instead of acting crazy. I guess I need to explain that he can be serious and still smile...I dunno we'll work something out. Unfortunately Dannibee missed out on the show as she was MC'ing a presentation for a mulit-million dollar job for her work and couldn't break free so it was just me with the video camera.

I'm posting the video here but you have to understand and forgive me for the fact that I am no videographer of photographer for that matter. Most of the still and motion picture shots that I take garner much criticism from my wife and other family members. Don't like my work? Tough! I'm all you got, and that's my little man up there doing his thang! For those of you who don't know which one is him, you only need to watch where the camera is pointed most of the time. Forgive me for the bumping and moving around. There wasn't a lot of room for the tripod so I used it one legged style.



Danibee said...

He's grown so much and it's funny not to see him hamming it up in front of the camera. I can't believe he'll be a First Grader next year!