Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Shee's I'm FAT!!!!!

Ohmagoodness! I was looking over a few photos in the trusty family photojournal and couldn't believe it. .I had done really well at keeping my weight under 180 for the last few years (necessary because of foot problems) right up until Danielle started gaining baby weight. I dunno what it is, pregnant women make me fat. I think it's some sorta hormone osmosis sort of thing but I swear it really happens.

Anyhoo. Right now I'm camping out at about 20????? ok, 205 which really shouldn't be too bad cause I was 220. I've lost a total of 15 pounds in 6 months. Les see.....That works out to......divided by 6, carry the 3........find the calculator cause I'm an idiot...... 2.5 pounds a month or....... 8/100's of a pound a day :( I am not even remotely impressed with my will power.

I think the biggest problems (I love casting blame) is that my wife can really cook. I mean, anyone can put some groceries together but this woman can really COOK! She has spent a lot of TV time watching food network and has retained much of what she has seen. To make matters worse regardless of who's cooking we always seem to cook enough for 5 grown people in our house. Not such a bad deal except we're only 2 adults, 2 punks and a baby. I was of course brought up under the war cry of "clean your plate, there are starving people in china that would be greatful for this food" I didn't much care for that concept then but it kinda stuck. So......calculating the shipping costs of sending my leftovers to China sorta scared me so I feel that it is my patriotic duty to make sure that none of this food goes to waste. I'm afraid of leftovers after they have been in the fridge for more than 4 hours so the only logical place to put it is...IN MY BELLY!

Again this wouldn't be a problem if it was bad food, I'd find some way to ship it to China but since Danielle is doing such a good job and in the interest of not finding fault with myself, I guess I should resign myself to being overweight until all three kids increase their appetites.


And for you crazy internet voyers out there NO! I will not post pictures of my belly chub.


Danibee said...

Oh.. I have a GOOOOOOOD belly pic of you too! Remember the preggo belly pic? :)