Saturday, June 28, 2008


The topic of discussion this week is...MOVING!
After nearly 4 years in the same house, our family is moving up to a larger and nicer house in the same area of PSL. I am really looking forward to getting into a bigger house but it is not without mixed emotion.

I have been in this old house for about 4 years now, I got a great deal on the move-in back in 04. The house had been vacant for a while and was completely trashed. The landlords were willing to let me move in with only 1st months rent and exchange the other deposits for fixing the place up.

In the time that I have been in this house, My Son and oldest daughter have grown so much. I have been through a divorce, and remarried and had another child, all in this old house. Over the years and with Danielles help I have fixed the place up pretty nicely, we've painted, replaced light fixtures and plumbing fixtures and covered the walls with photos of the children turning the old house in to a home.

This old house my not be pretty, but she has been a strong and sturdy shelter through all of the storms that life and mother nature have thrown at me over the years. I survived a divorce in this house and sought shelter fromt the now ex-wife by living in the garage for 3 months. During the hurricanes of 03 and 04 I sought shelter in this old house and she protected me, my family and our belongings when many others lost everything. I met my Wife Danielle while living here and concieved Natalie, watched her grow in her mommy's tummy and brought her home in this old house.

Aside from not being overly attractive, this old house had a few design flaws that I cussed often and ruthlessly such as the small master closet and poorly designed laundry room but these things not only gave the house character but I'm sure that in some small way have added to my character as well.

If these walls could speak I know that they would have quite a story to tell. Although it was only 4 years, it seems that I have amassed a lifetime of memories here and even though I'm looking forward to moving on, I will miss this old house very much........


Danibee said...

You know, until I read this, I hadn't really thought about it. This old house has served us well and has really been the stage for a lot of changes in our lives. I'll miss it, but think of all the wonderful memories we can have in our new house.