Friday, May 23, 2008

Pushing the limits?

Ever since our little bee started making consious movements and stuff I've been pushing her to go a little farther. At 3 months old she was sitting on my lap one day and I got an idea (usually not a good thing) I held her by her hands while she squatted down on my lap, and I gave a slight lift and said "stand up" Guess what? she did it! I of course followed that with "sit down" and the repeated the process about 100 times....Ok, it was actually more like 10 but still, I was stoked! Now she's six months old and I'm try to teach her how to stand up by hanging on the the sofa. Not working out so good, she'd rather shove herself over instead of hang on.....maybe we'd better hold off on that one for a while. But still, in the interest of having a successful moment I got her to stand up next to my legs long enough for few pics.

I dunno, maybe I'm pushing too hard and I'm sure that in a few years I'll wish she was still the cute little bundle that pukes on me every time I hold her, but for now she's kinda like a new bike....I wanna see what she'll do!


Danibee said...

I don't think you're pushing too hard! She's loving every minute of it!