Wednesday, May 21, 2008

A Mountain Bikers Perspective

Well now, isn't this intersting. I guess I've graduated from Myspace to a more...Mature blog spot. I guess that's ok because I never bothered to write too much stuff on myspace anyway. It was too much of a pain to log in and find my blog and stuff and stuff and stuff...... Ok, let's face it. I'm lazy. I'll try to keep this updated fairly often with some entertaining bits from my life.

For starters I'm a dad with 3 children. 2 from a previous marriage and one from my wife Danielle. Lets see.... We have Christian who is 6, Aj who is 4, and Natalie that just turned 5 months. I'm married to a wonderful woman, Danielle who has joined our family and made it her own. I'm also a Mountain biker who lives in Florida! Yeah, go figure I guess I could have chosen a less appropriate sport for our area like maybe ice skating but one ridiculous time-sucker of a sport is enough for one family man to handle.

Being a family man, biking has taken a back seat the other aspects of life like running a business, washing baby bottles and taking care of the 2 older kids. Biking is, and will remain a favorite sport for me and I look forward to the day that the rest of the family is able to join me on the beloved bike trails.

As for my blogs, please don't pick on my spelling, punctuation or subject matter. I write the way I think and that's usually long, disjointed and full of commas, , , , or long pauses........ I'll write about anything and everything and may get a little worked up. Please don't be offended. If I'm writing it, that means that I'm not shouting it at anyone.


Danibee said...

'bout time you entered blog-land.