Friday, September 5, 2008

You want to know what I hate?

Hate.....What an ugly word..But still, there are a few things that I hate.

I hate driving down the road and seeing these little circular signs surrounded by flowers. These signs list the name, birthdate and date of death of the person that died at that exact spot. I don't so much mind the signs themselves, but I hate that there is a need for the sign.

I hate seeing young women walking around with colorful bandanas tied around their heads. Again, not that I hate the bandana, I just hate the cancer that has brought them to that state.

I hate seeing parents rushing their children through a hospital. In a perfect world children would never need to see the inside of a hospital.

I hate reading the names of Children in the Obituary column.

I hate reading about yet another thug committing a crime against an innocent person.

I hate election campaigns that spend all their time telling about how bad their opponent is instead of showing me how good they are.

I hate Okra.

I hate Nike airs when the air chamber pops.

I hate.......Whew! I guess I'm all hated out. Thank you all for indulging me, I just needed to offload some negativity. As a counter thrust, here are a few things that I love;

I love My wife
I love my children....All three of them
I love my house
I love my job...Such as it is.
I love my Parents
I love fresh flowers still covered with the morning dew.
I love cats
I like dogs
I love riding my bike
I love Lasagna....

Did I miss anything?
So tell me, what do you love.


Danibee said...

I Love you...

Gracie's Mom said...

I love that this post helped me figure out the mystery man posting on Gracie's blog! Yay for Mike- Danibee's hubby. :)

I love Dani too.

Jenny said...

I love that God saw fit to give me the older brother I never had when life was throwing me curve balls at the fragile at of 15. Thanks for everything Mike, Love ya!