Sunday, August 31, 2008

3 down 1 to go

Whoo Hoo, We've finally got our 4 year old AJ off of the training wheels. She's been riding with the training wheels really well for a few months now, and I knew she was ready even if she didn't.

I got her out in the front yard riding but due to the resistance of the tall grass, she wasn't making too much progress.....what to do what to do.....

I got the bright idea to take her over to the local baseball stadium and let her ride the parking lot there which is paved with a fairly slick asphault which I was fairly sure wouldn't chew up her legs too much in the event of an accident.......At least I was fairly sure that it wouldn't hurt me anyway. As an aside, this is where I took Christian to perfect his riding skills.

We started out on the dirt driveways and she did amazing!

She did however run out of steam and crash a few times which gave me cause to take her over to the paved areas.

I told her the rules, had her get a firm grip....gave a shove....and she was off! She must have ridden for 5 whole minutes before wiping out. Of course it was get up, brush it off and keep going. I think she probably put in 45 minutes out there and racked up at least 2-3 miles in that time. I was standing there with the camera grinning like an idiot. I'm so proud of her I just can't stand it.

Now that we've got Christian (6), Danielle (30ish) and now AJ (4) riding we just have to figure out how to get the baby riding and we'll be a complete bike riding family. We have gotten Nati one of those bike trailers but she totally hates it. I'm not sure why, I'd love to be sitting back staring at her mothers rear while she does all the work........Guess Nati doesn't feel quite the same about it. Anyway she's bound to get used to it sooner or later.


Danibee said...

She not enamoured with my butt, but my boobs - well, that's another story. You two have that in common.